So it is time to get out there and work in your garden.  Bees buzzing, sun shining, flowers blooming.  Don’t let back pain hold you back from your outdoor passion.  Instead learn ways to avoid injury and enjoy your time in the sun.  Let the Gokhale Method help you to thrive alongside your plants!  Here’s how:

Spa Rosalia - Massage Tips

When planting flowers and digging in the dirt, use hip hinging to save your knees and lower back. Maintain your spinal shape as you bend from the hips. Take a wide stance to reach the ground more easily.  If you feel your hamstrings pulling, bend your knees to keep from tucking.  Check to see that your knees are over your feet and that your shoulders remain back for good blood flow to your arms and hands. Rest one elbow or forearm on your thigh as the other hand performs your gardening tasks to reduce the demand on the muscles in your back.

Don’t forget your sun screen…no body likes to get sun burned!
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If you do hurt your back…you can always schedule a massage to soothe your muscles.