You are Precious to Spa Rosalia

You are precious to me.

Twenty years have taught me this: regular massage prevents injury.

Clients who call at the last minute because they’ve “tweaked” their back, suddenly realize that they can’t turn their head to see cars changing lanes or slowly find themselves developing frozen shoulder symptoms, are not the ones that come in regularly.

Consistent bodywork means supple muscles, tendons that move freely and healthier joints. This improves performance in every aspect of our life including personal relationships.

Americans ridiculously stressed and overworked, yet expect their bodies to continuously meet the demands and rigors of crazy schedules. Ironically, people who wouldn’t dream of skipping scheduled maintenance on their cars take it for granted that  muscles will keep going without regular “tune ups”.

Be kind to yourself. Take care of yourself. Incorporate massage on a regular basis. I’ll discount it $25 with a monthly commitment

to encourage you. You’ll enjoy it. You’ll have better relationships with your loved ones, and it’ll keep you running strong.

-Sheri Rosalia, Owner