There’s nothing like our foot rub!

Spa Rosalia Foot ReflexologyYou lie on a table with a heated pillow under your neck.  The lights are dimmed.  Soothing music flows from somewhere above your head.  Then a pair of warm hands greet your feet.  The hands rock your feet from side to side.  They pick up one heel  at a time and gently pull each leg away from your body.  The stretch feels good on your lower back.  By this time you feel completely relaxed.  Soon your feet begin to warm up during the 1/2 hour or more session.  Foot reflexology feels like a thorough and orderly massage of the muscles of the feet.  The therapist moves the toes and bones of each foot  and uses digital pressure from the thumbs and index fingers with sustained pressure on tight sore spots.  The end result is a release of  tension from the body and soul.

Foot Reflexology is based on the theory that each organ and gland in the body has a corresponding  reflex point in the feet.  Conversly, the feet reflect what is going on in the entire body.

Because of gravity, metabolic wastes can settle in the foot like dirt in a glass of water.  By breaking up these crystalline residues, the body is able to eliminate them both cleansing the foot muscles and bringing a fresh supply of blood to the 7,000 nerve endings.  Perhaps this helps to explain why  so many  people the world over rely on their  regular foot reflexology appointment to keep them  centered, balanced and healthy