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“As you can tell by now I am no Haiku Rapper.
However, I did pen one REAL Haiku from me to you today:

The Table Beckons
Anti-Gravity Awaits
For time at her Hands

It delves into the special quality I get from a powerful massage,
appreciation for the opportunity to escape gravity [even for an instant],
and the hope that springs from obtaining assistance from a trusted friend.

As noted in the Subject Line Above: Haiku Harassment Will Stop Now.

Take Care and Have a Great Week,”
– Charles

“I transplanted from the east coast & was referred to an outstanding massage therapist named  Sheri.  I scheduled & immediately knew I was in the presence of someone who has the gift of healing hands.  She is the best at finding all the knots & energy blockage.  I always leave her 1 hour care in a less stressful & enjoyable state.  Highly recommended! Sheri connects with clients new & old.”
-Michael W.

“Sheri Rosalia has been my massage therapist for over ten years. It’s become second nature to rely on her keen professional bodywork insight for my specific health and wellness needs. I like her new Spa location [spiffy professional building on First Avenue in Bankers Hill] and strongly recommend it to those looking for comfort, relaxation, and the power of a great provider’s healing hands.”

“Sheri Rosalia is, hands down, the best massage therapist I have treated with.  She takes the time to listen to whatever issue you may have and is able to zone in on it.  Her touch is very nurturing and restorative.  Once you go to Sheri, you’ll never go elsewhere!”
-Marlys S.

“Sheri is the best massage therapist around. I have been going to her for 20 years once a month. She is a big part of my wellness program and just keeps me tuned up. She is literally as good as there is. I have tried fancy spas where they charge twice as much, but you don’t get half the massage. Sheri is friendly and is able to home in on whatever part of you need some extra attention. She has my highest recommendation.”
-Dan B.

“Each time I’ve booked an apt. w/ Sheri I can’t wait for that day to come. I know once I get there I will be transported to a place of relaxation and bliss. She does find and work some of those spots that need more attention using her intuition and ability to remember my individual problem areas. It always pleasantly surprises me that she is able to tune into my body without me having to say anything! She has the ability to make you feel comfortable and welcome…. , as well as genuinely interested in what you want that session . I’ve had massages where I’ve felt the masseuse was just going through the motions but with Sheri I feel a connection and a level of interest in my well being I’ve yet to find anywhere else.  I think so many people feel a massage is a once in a while treat for themselves but it’s something worth incorporating into your health and body care routine as a regular rub really does make a big difference!”
-Lori B

“Sheri is the best massage therapist I have ever been to! 
Her hands are seriously magic. She always makes sure to check in and see how the pressure is and really customizes the massage to fit my needs. She even lets you bring in your own music if you so desire! 
Her location is easy to find and I have never had an issue with parking. 
Can’t wait to book another appointment!”

“Sheri is a professional & excellent masseuse.  I have been going to her for at least 10 years,  I have suffered from horrible migraines for years, and Thanks to her I have not had a migraine for a very long time,  You walk into her treatment room and there is such great energy!  She makes you feel at home.  Once you had her massages you will not go any where else.”
-Patricia A

“Sheri is as GOOD as it gets!  She has really made a difference in my well-being, I look always forward to that massage, I feel much better for weeks after!”
-Regular Massage Client

“OMG i fall in love with myself all over again every time I leave Spa Rosalia del Mare. Not only do i feel relaxed and refreshed, but i LUV the way i smell!  Best bodywork! Best essential oils and aromatherapy!”
-KIm C

“Sheri is the best!  I’m an Esthetician and also a Massage Therapist myself. She has helped me so much with tendinitis in my wrists and hands. She released my frozen shoulder so I can keep working. All my friends in the beauty biz go to her!”
-Felicia B

“My husband and I are regulars at Spa Rosalia in Banker’s Hill.  Sheri Rosalia is our therapist for life.  We take our tight muscles, aches and pains to her and she melts us into butter.  My husband could barely walk due to extreme back pain and Sheri fixed him right up.  Thank you Sheri!  You are a gem and an expert massage therapist.”
-Annie S

“I just once again had a fantastic and therapeutic massage from Sheri Rosalia. Each time I go I ask myself why I do not come more often. Sheri has such a great knowledge about the body that her work truly shifts how you feel long term. If you want a massage that makes a difference then I can not recommend anyone better than Sheri. You will understand once you experience her massage. Enjoy!”
-Jane A.

“I think this is the most peaceful place in the world”
-Regular Massage Client

“After years of living in pain and once in awhile treating myself to a massage at some franchise place I discovered Sheri Rosalia.  I saw her for an old shoulder and neck injury.  I had been in chronic pain for years.  She spent so much time working on that injured area but never hurt me.  She worked through the tight muscles slowly and gently.  After five deep tissue massages I was right as rain.  I walked out of treatment after each session with a new lease on life.  I recommend Sheri to everyone I meet who needs life changing, expert bodywork.  Thank you Sheri from the bottom of my heart.”
-Anna, SD, CA

“I’ve lived in San Diego for 15 years and have been to my fair share of day spas and massage therapists. Many good, some ok, but no one who I’ve stuck with… until I started going to Sheri about 3 years ago.  Her work is outstanding, and so is her style – always kind and caring, and she takes the time to understand what’s going on with me before starting the massage. Can’t wait to go back in next week!”
-Jen T. SD, CA

“I can’t say enough great things about Sheri. I first visited her about six weeks after suffering a back injury. I was a little nervous about getting a massage because I still had some residual back pain. Sheri instantly put me at ease with her warm personality. She worked with me to customize my massage — something she does every time you visit her — and the massage was amazing! Before visiting Sheri, I never had a massage in which I  felt such physical relief afterward.

Sheri’s prices are very reasonable and I find she’s pretty flexible when it comes to appointment times. I have several friends who visit Sheri regularly and they are always raving about their experience. I feel lucky to have found her!”
-Liz N. SD, CA

“I’ve been going to Sheri for over a year and I can honestly say she is the best masseuse I have ever been to. She is an expert in different varieties of massage and always works with you to figure out what will be the most relaxing and beneficial type of massage on a given day.

After a massage from Sheri I feel actual physical benefits for DAYS after.  She is centrally located and is extremely flexible with scheduling as well. I have recommended her to a number of friends and to a person they have all raved about her.

Her attitude is awesome. Her prices are very reasonable and she is a total pro. What more could you ask for?”
-Xan B SD, CA

“I’ve been getting massages from Sheri for over 5 years.  She is by far the BEST massage therapist I have ever been to (and I have been to many).  She is professional, thorough, and amazingly skilled at finding where the tension is and working it completely away.  If it wasn’t for Sheri I would be in a world of hurt.  I can’t imagine going to anyone else!”
-Dee S. Lemon Grove, CA

“I HIGHLY recommend Sheri Rosalia as an expert massage therapist. I first went to Sheri for help with a troublesome neck tweak upon the recommendation of a friend, and she took care of me with sensitivity and expert technique. I’ve since seen her numerous times just to enjoy a relaxing massage and have come away with a great attitude for the day. Sheri is very personable and adept at creating a custom experience just for you. So, I’m passing on the good word and now recommend her to my friends without hesitation!”
-Margery S. SD, CA

“Sheri offers a complete relaxation experience. She has a great attitude, strong hands and a warm heart. Can’t wait to get back in there …”
-Celeste D. SD, CA

“Sheri is amazing and I highly recommend to everyone.  Each time I come in she is great about customizing the massage for how I am feeling that day.”
-Megan M.  La Jolla, CA

“I have been seeing Sheri for over 10 years, every few weeks.  She is the best masseuse I have ever had.  I like deep tissue massage, and Sheri is excellent.  I have recommended friends throughout the years, and they have always agreed that visiting Sheri is a treat.  She is extremely knowledgeable about the body, so that if you have a specific issue, (ie: hurt lower back, or pulled a muscle), she knows exactly how to treat you.  Even my very skeptical husband was thrilled when he saw Sheri after he threw his back out.  He was able to play golf the next day. Like the other posts, I cannot say enough good things about Sheri.  If you are looking for an excellent massage, try Sheri before you go anywhere else.  You will not be disappointed!”
-Teresa S. SD, CA


By far, Sheri is the most talented massage therapist I have ever been to.

She intuitively knows when your muscles are sore then goes in and rubs or shall i say kneads the soreness away.

Last summer I jumped off a very high cliff in Arizona only to hit the water with a huge smack! No, I will not be doing that again, any how I went to a chiropractor who did nothing at all for my pain.After seeing Sheri twice I was pain free !

If I could give Sheri more then 5 stars I most defiantly would !”
-Aileen K. SD, CA

“Sheri has the most wonderful healing touch . She always seems to intuitively know where my sore spots are. I am a stylist and use my hands and arms all day so I can get really tight. She always makes me feel better after seeing her.

I have been going to Sheri for over 10 years and no one has ever matched up to her massages.”
-Chelli B. San Diego, CA

“Sheri is an absolute delight.  She is dedicated, talented and invested in what she does and it shines through.  She is brilliant at deep tissue massage and will follow direction as to what you want.  She’s a lovely conversationalist but will respect silence if preferred.  I have found a massage therapist for life.  I cannot express how wonderful a massage by Sheri is, therefore I urge you make an appointment with her to find out–you will be glad you did!”
-Wednesday B. SD, CA

“I have been getting massages from Sheri for six years.  Occasionally, while on vacation or away, I will get a massage from someone else.  That is when I realize just how great and effective Sheri’s massages are.  She is, hands down, the best massage therapist around.  She takes the time to get to know your body and what your specific needs are.  In addition to being a great massage therapist, she is also a terrific person.  I highly recommend her.”
-Marly S. Santee, CA

“Sheri is extremely professional and knowledgeable about her craft, she is thorough, asks questions about what your needs and goals are, and makes suggestions based on what your answers are.  If you are in need of consistent care, I would highly recommend that you set up an appointment and keep a regular schedule going because long term results will be seen along with some immediate!!  AND, you will absolutely adore her!!”
-Rebecca B. SD, CA

“I was always hesitant to get a massage so finally my friend gave me a gift certificate for a massage with Sheri several years ago.  It was incredible and I try to get back there as often as I can (it is one of my favorite indulgences).  Along with Sheri making me feel comfortable in my own skin (those who have less-than-perfect bodies will know what I mean), she tailors the massage to whatever I want.  She is an expert at both deep massages and more relaxing ones and she has a number of options that I haven’t even tried yet.  I always leave there feeling fantastic and I would (and do) recommend Sheri to anyone who wants an incredible experience.  Oh!  I almost forgot — she schedules her massages to last 90 minutes (not the usual hour or almost-hour).  Go see her — you’ll be glad that you did!”
-Deborah W Poway, CA

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