Pack up those heavy sweaters, because it’s tee shirt and tank top season.

Get that summer mojo on by shedding that dull, winter-dry skin with an invigorating super-scrub/massage combo special.

It’s available for two weeks only, and exclusively by scheduling online at

Layers of dead skin are sloughed off with Micronized Buffing beads in a creme base. It is packed with Alpha-Hydroxy Lactic Acid to accelerate cell renewal.

Skin and Muscles move freely with massage application of creme  formulated to hydrate the skin and seal the benefits of exfoliation.

Super Scrub and Massage Combo Special:

Two weeks only:

75 minutes for $75

There are weddings, house guests, outings and some self tanning action that is going to happen soon.

We want to help prep you for the short sleeves and shorts coming out of the back of the closet.