Men love massage, #dadbod might be the reason.

Here are our top 7 ways to get Dad bod:

#7 Men sit on their wallets.  Sitting with a wallet in the back pocket causes a buildup of tough cartilage in the buttock (gluteal) area.  A deep tissue massage can clear that right up.

#6 Tall men are sometimes born with an extra bone in their spine.  This extra segment in the lumbar spine adds height, but also creates instability in the lower back.

#5 Beer.  The extra estrogen boost that comes from the mood enhancing flower of hops increases belly weight, which in turn puts stress on the lower back.

#4 Risky behavior.  See reason #5.  Beer makes one more likely to go skydiving on short notice.  This leads to a lot of fun, but some major body aches too.

#3 Broad shoulders and narrow hips.  Broad shoulders support head weight well and therefore make men less susceptible to neck tension (the number one complaint of women).  However, narrow hips do not support the spine as well as the wider hips of females.  The combination of narrow hips with additional upper body weight make men more prone to lower back pain.

#2 Weekend warrior.  It’s good exercise, but leads to soreness.   The men that get massage know that some bodywork after a weekend of exertion always puts Humpty Dumpty back together again.

#1 Sweet Dads.  Men are handy, strong and helpful.  Lifting and fixing things can get bodies into all sorts of twists, so this is why:

Sweet dads are our number one reason
why guys with Dad Bod love and need massage.


Is Dad Bod hurting your Dad or the man in your life?  Schedule his massage today.

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