Regularity has its benefits.  Your body rewards you and so do we when you make massage a regular part of your life.

90 percent of diseases are stress related.  Age more gracefully and stay healthier with regular massage.

In addition to stress reduction did you know…

Strategic Massage Sessions can:

Release frozen shoulder, reduce or eliminate migraines, lessen depression, lower high blood pressure, clear TMJ, improve quality of sleep, increase energy, speed post surgery recovery, help athletes prepare for and recover from competition, enhance immunity, decrease PMS suffering, alleviate lower back pain.

Regular Massage at Spa Rosalia Del MareYes, abdominal massage can improve “regularity” and people like it a lot more than eating black, dried, chewy, shriveled prunes.

Another advantage massage has over prunes is pricing.  Even though the price of prunes may vary with market conditions, secure a $25 savings through 2018 with the once a month massage program.