Unfortunately, the illustration above didn’t go over well with some of my friends.  They said it evoked slaughterhouse images in their mind.  Oh boy – that was not my intention.

The meme above was inspired by Jiro Dreams of Sushi.  It is a movie about a chef who is passionate about the food he serves.  One scene shows him massaging an octopus before serving it up at his restaurant and he swears by that technique.  Apparently, he is not alone because kobe cattle ranchers do too.  Who knew that massaging food sources provides for a very superior level of tenderness?  Since massage is such a great tenderizer, my thinking was that Daisy the cow is a good spokesperson for the benefits of regular bodywork.

Decades of experience have proved to me that regular massage prevents injury.

Therapeutic and consistent massage frees up adhesions, stretches connective tissue, and smoothes muscle fibers. The resulting increased flexibility helps maintain proper spacing in joints and therefore assists the ability to move better.  It is a rare day that one of the many calls I get requesting an “emergency” visit are from the people who are coming in regularly.

People who get regular massage thrive.

It is not just kobe ranchers and sushi chefs who understand that massage softens muscle tissue.  Clients who come in consistently are true believers.  They report increased flexibility, deeper sleep, quicker sports recovery and pain reduction.   They look younger too.

Our bodies need maintenance just like cars do.

Americans are stressed and overworked and yet they expect their bodies to continuously meet the demands and rigors of intense schedules.  People who would not consider skipping recommended maintenance on their cars, often forget that bodies need the same kind of tune ups. Don’t make that mistake.  Be kind to yourself and schedule massage on a regular basis.  Not only will you enjoy it, but  it will keep you running strong.

-Sheri Rosalia, Owner

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