Spa Rosalia Grumpy NurseOBAMACARE may not cover spa services, but we do! Consider the advantages.

-Over the counter gift certificates
-No Prescription needed
-No deductibles to be met
-Non-insurance cash rates
-Alternative Medicine based Skin Care, Waxing & Massage

….only at Spa Rosalia do you get these “tongue in cheek” posts, government issued blogs tend to be rather formal.

If you really want to laugh, check out High Anxiety by Mel Brooks if you haven’t already seen it, and the picture on the left will make sense.

Joking aside, spa services have short term and long term health benefits.

Some health benefits of waxing and skin care services

Hair removal exfoliates the skin which is aids collagen production and makes us look more youthful.  It aids in prevention of irritating bumps under the skin’s surface by thinning out hair follicles.  Some say beauty is “skin deep”, but make no mistake, a properly shaped brow and glowing skin foster and inspire good self esteem. When we feel confident and are perceived positively by others, opportunities open that make our lives better.  Additionally, having someone examine your skin on a regular basis can alert you to changes that may signal underlying health issues.  Early detection can be key in certain skin related diseases and getting to the Doctor early prevents disfiguration and fatalities.

Move better

Have you ever watched the elderly walking?  Some are feeble and others have a spring in their step. Consider the effects of massage therapy in how we age.  Massage is the most effective mobility enhancer.  Why do doctors prescribe physical therapy after an injury or surgery? Because: skilled massage is effective and fast.  One session can break adhesions that inhibit movement.  Massage elongates muscles, and increase blood flow to restricted areas. Think of the huge benefits gained by a regular program of massage therapy over the course of a lifetime.   Which old person will you be?

Throw out the pain pills? 

Have you considered therapeutic massage therapy to alleviate TMJ, car accidents, stress, migraines, enhanced sports performance, pregnancy discomfort, enhanced testing performance, depression, anxiety, body awareness and improved relationships?

TMJ and migraines lessen with increased mobility in the muscles of the neck, scalp and face.

Car accident insurance often covers massage therapy because even small impacts can cause big muscle imbalances as does pregnancy.

Anxiety, depression, good relationships and testing performance have roots in neurotransmitters. Bodywork comes to the rescue by rapidly boosting our *feel good+ brain chemicals.  The results are you feel more in control of your life and emotions and see things with a fresh perspective.

Illness is lessened by an increase in T-cell production, which also gets a bump from massage.

If you are a weekend warrior or sports enthusiast, try a massage to prevent soreness.

Try a deep belly massage for lower back pain and improved sports performance. In the “hands” of a skilled Spa Rosalia del Mare therapist, it doesn’t hurt.

Hot stone massage, psoas release, tui na, neuromuscular therapy, swedish, craniosacral, shiatsu, cupping, moxibustion and cupping are a few of the techniques massage therapists use to free up the body and help you feel good.  However it is how those techniques are applied that make the difference in how effective your session is.  The belief that therapeutic massage needs to be painful is somewhat due to a cultural belief in *no pain, no gain* and more often to the lack of sensitivity and knowledge of a bodyworker.  Trust your body to the care of the expert massage therapists at Spa Rosalia del Mare.  We are simply put, the best.

Don’t delay.  Live better now, and live better later by incorporating massage along with skin care and grooming services on a regular basis.   Even if it’s a few times a year, the benefits add up over time.  At Spa Rosalia del Mare, we’ll never pressure you to commit to a regular program, but for those who want to do so, we offer several ways to make it more affordable.  Ask your service provider, or drop us an email.

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Come in and treat yourself to something truly good.  Body scrub, therapeutic massage, waxing (up to $50), and skincare right from the organic treasure chest only mother nature offers. Spa Rosalia Del Mare loves you, please love us back.   Schedule some care or buy a gift certificate before the end of 2013 to get some healthy savings!  Expires 1/12/14


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