In the Seinfeld TV series there are a few hilarious moments where Massage Therapy is discussed.  In the episode “The Note”, Elaine, Jerry Seinfeld and George offer up some massage therapy insights.

This is the first part of four short posts geared toward massage therapy education. Read parts 2, 3, and 4 for further insights.

Here is the video clip and the script just below.

[Jerry, Elaine and George are in Jerry’s apartment. George is looking through the fridge.]

JERRY: So she’s giving me the massage and I’m just making conversation.

ELAINE: I don’t like to talk during a massage.

JERRY: Neither do I, but I do it for them. I figure they’re bored.

GEORGE: Yeah, I do that too. I feel guilty about getting the pleasure. I feel like I don’t deserve it so I talk. It stops me from enjoying it. There’s nothing to eat in here.

The scene is funny, but also gave me pause because I can relate to the above from both sides of the table, and the few sentences from that scene are packed with massage therapy insights.

When Elaine says:  “I don’t like to talk during my massage”, I relate to her. It’s pretty bad when I want to pretend I don’t speak english to get a service provider to leave me in peace.  It can be difficult however for clients and therapists to navigate how much conversation to have during a session. It is something I had to come to terms with myself, and I’m sure there were times that I talked too much, especially early on in my career.  I share some of those massage therapy insights in part two.

Massage chat can be a hot potato for both practitioner and client, and it is a two edged sword.  When Jerry Seinfeld talks the therapists ear off thinking he’s doing them a favor, it really cracked me up.  Read about why he can just relax in part 3.

George’s need to to balance pleasure with justification, as humorous as it is, is baked into many people’s psyche and I expand on it here in part 4.

At Spa Rosalia, rest assured that every treatment is offered with sensitivity to how a client relaxes best.  That is true not just for massage, but lash extensions, waxing and skin care.

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Massage Wisdom from the Jerry Seinfeld Show: “The Note”

ELAINE, PART TWO. “I don’t like to talk during my massage”. (We believe there are a few exceptions)