1. Howling at the moon: Insomnia at it’s best keeps the TV on all night, and at it’s worst makes you a crazy person at work the next day. A one hour massage is the number one cure to get you to sleep faster, and make up for it when you can’t.
  2. Playing the field: trying to make up for lost time can leave you vulnerable to colds and exposure… aha, little too much spit swapping: O.K. you’re single, so why get tied down? A one hour massage is proven to boost the immune system to keep those fighter t-cells as your first line of defense.
  3. Addiction: smoking, drinking, the shopping network and gambling. When we crave bad boy or bad girl behavior, it usually a sign that the brain neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine have left the building. Our feel good is long gone, and thrill seeking behavior can fool the brain into feeling better for a short period of time. A better idea: a one hour massage get’s all your feel good endorphins going. It makes you feel good for days, and there is no hangover.
  4. Couch Potato: Limber up. Massage therapy is the proven winner when it comes to lengthening muscle tissue, and it boosts the metabolism.
  5. Weekend Warrior: Overdoing it at the gym, or on the soccer field releases lactic acid and causes inflammation. Massage reverses the effects so soreness and fatigue are gone.

Get The Most Bang For Your Buck!

Get a massage with our new team member Linda!  She has ten years massage therapy experience.  She just moved from her Mission Valley location and is excited to provide services at Spa Rosalia! Come get a massage with Linda!  1 Hour for $49. a professional massage that will destroy any of your preconceived notions of discount massage.

This offer expires July 31th, 2013!