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JERRY: So she’s giving me the massage and I’m just making conversation.
ELAINE: I don’t like to talk during a massage.
JERRY: Neither do I, but I do it for them. I figure they’re bored.

Bored practitioners and neurotic clients.  Pull out the popcorn if Seinfeld ever does a spin off tv series based on that concept.  

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 2.58.26 PMThe general public perception is that massage therapists are rubbing by routine, noticing every skin blemish and critiquing body parts.  That would be tedious indeed, but in fact we are more like master chefs, artists and disc jockeys, who are probably rarely bored.

The difference between fast food and haute cuisine are palpable and have a direct correlation with bodywork. In the manner of a master chef, the  professional massage therapist creates a strategy (recipe) based on the goals, posture, pain threshold and emotional state of the client (ingredients), and customizes it for their tastes.  The bodyworker utilizes a variety of techniques (equipment) to put together a lasting and memorable experience (fine dining).

Massage therapists are artists and not bored.

Take the example of an oil painting, education and practice is needed to create the form properly but only from the wellspring of creativity can a painting be truly great.  Bodywork is the similar, because training, practice and knowledge is needed to achieve the basic structure of a session. However, when massage therapist puts their heart, soul and unique personal stamp on a session, it’s museum worthy.

DJ’s can manipulate the dance floor frenzied or tranquil state.
The same for bodywork.  Purposeful application of open handed, slow movements have trancelike effects, and deep tissue with precise pressure will allow people to move with the freedom of youth.  In the hands of a skilled massage therapist, magic happens.

Hopefully Jerry Seinfeld does do that spin off.  

Perhaps the other characters will do all the talking so he can enjoy his massage in full knowledge that the therapist is doing just fine, and never bored.