Couples massage promotions are everywhere in anticipation of February 14.

In response to a day that celebrates coupledom, here is a testimonial for getting a massage and celebrating being single on Valentine’s Day.

Absence of touch leads to death in infancy. There were numerous studies done in orphanages that proved this. In all cases, children were given adequate food, medical attention and accommodations, but the ones who were coddled by nurses thrived and the babies who got brief diaper changes and bottles wasted away.

Once past the age of two, lack of touch won’t kill us, but children do not thrive without it. In contemplating the potential impact of that on adulthood, it is hard to believe that skin to skin contact is not important just because we grow past a certain age. The fact that massage therapy is a proven remedy for anxiety illustrates the connection between touch and health.

Listen to David Linden’s TED Talk on NPR to learn more about the importance of touch.

Regular Massage and Regular Touch Even When Single

Being and staying single is a viable and preferred option for a lot of people now. Sure, some of them want to be in a relationship, but a lot of people are single by choice. Among other things, they enjoy the freedom that allows them to pursue other interests, and are in no rush to enter coupledom.

It is safe to assume that people who are paired up are getting touched regularly, but single people often do not. Massage can fill in the gap for people who need more touch, but are not in a relationship.

So if someone didn’t put a “ring on it”, this is a shout out to single people everywhere: make a date with your massage therapist, and celebrate the fact that you only have yourself to worry about on February 14!