Finally, a beauty trend that makes life easier! 

Spa Rosalia Now Offers Lash Extensions! This lash special is the perfect time to try lash extensions.

Check out this article on lash extensions to learn more and then schedule your appointment with us to get the lushest lashes you’ve ever had.

Here’s are is a special rate to encourage you to try lash extensions. You’re going to love them!

$125 eyelash extension includes 1 follow up/infill (infill expires after 14 days after initial service) Valid through April 2019.

To find out if you are a good candidate for them, ask questions, express concerns or to schedule, please call or text me on my business number (858) 381-2273

What clients love:

Two quotes that say it all:

One client who’s recently gone through a break up said:

“Sheri, the timing for me to get these extensions is perfect.  I’ve been wanting to feel “pretty” again, and now I do.”

Another one who has a very busy and unpredictable schedule (Hello Moms!) said:

“Now that I have them, I cannot imagine why everyone wouldn’t want them too.”

Fyi: It’s not just for women, men get them too!