Find out how hot stone massage will help you master your Irish Jig Moves!

sparosalia_irishjighotstonePenetrating heat from the 100+ stones rhythmically incorporated into every aspect of the massage session rapidly relieves mental and physical tension.

We’ll “rock” you like  a lullaby:
Our Stones are hot, not warm, yet with skillfull application, it feels to the receiver like soothing, warm hands, so the deep relaxation comes quickly in a hot stone session.

Hot stone massage done correctly,  is deep tissue massage without discomfort.  The moist heat and smooth curves of the stones, allow our skilled therapists to apply targeted pressure at a deep level.  Elasticity and circulation is restored in blocked up muscles like the hips and spine for a rapid increase in flexibility.

You’ll be mastering those Irish Jig moves at a whole new level!

It’s a rhythmic massage combined with penetrating warmth:

The session begins with large stones placed strategically on the back.  Perfectly balanced and weighted, they pre soften tension areas along the spine, lower back and shoulders.

Simultaneously, long strokes and targeted pressure commence to help restore fluidity in the legs.  Stones are continuously replaced to sustain a lovely heat throughout the session and the full body massage ends with a soothing scalp and face massage.

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