Preparation H: Holiday drinking & busy schedules often result in eye bags, fine lines & puffy skin. Apply Preparation H to your face to minimize the damage & keep on truckin’.  Laugh if you want, but, I swear this works. Just be sure to put the tube away or face odd looks from friends who use your restroom.


South Park Walk About & the new Target Express.  It’s social & efficient.

a.) sparosalia_numbers_fourSouth Park has an assortment of independent shops with a bent toward one of a kind items.  Because the shops are so close to each other, the South Park Business Association organizes a “Walk About” & the shops extend their hours for the night. It’s a great opportunity to pick up unique items.  There are also a number of great restaurants in the vicinity, so make it a social event & invite some friends to go with you.  To kick off the holiday season, all shops extend hours of 6-10PM on December 5, 2015.

b.) Target Express opened on the corner of Grape and Fern a few blocks from the Spa Rosalia.  It’s a small version of the larger store (about 80 percent smaller) with grocery items & housewares. In addition, you can order anything target sells online & have it delivered to be picked up at the Target Express.  This allows you to avoid all of the traffic in Mission Valley & Target locations.  It’s easy to get in & out of South Park.


I have a great shortcut to avoid Mission Valley traffic. Bachman Place connects Hillcrest to the 8.  Most people use the 163 to get on the 8, & it always backs up.  So take Bachman Place down to Hotel Circle & turn left. The 8 on ramp is right there. Reverse the directions to exit Mission Valley & back to Hillcrest.

What’s your favorite driving shortcut in San Diego?  Email me back & I will put it on my website with the rest of these tips.



“No” and “Yes” are the secret weapon.  Say “Yes” to events that encourage quality social time.  Say “Yes” to taking care of yourself, which may come in the form of saying “No” when there is just too much on your plate.


sparosalia_numbers_oneFriends don’t make friends do yard sales.  Isn’t the thing we love most about the holidays the idea of spending time with loved ones and sharing experiences? When it comes to material things, most of us have everything we need and the power to buy what we want.   All too often gifts wind up being donated, contributing to clutter, clogging our land fills or sold for pennies on the dollar at a yard sale. On the other hand our eco-friendly gift certificates, can be ordered online 24/7, are never thrown out and always used. A massage gift certificate has the added advantage of being an experience that the recipient will remember forever and the physical health benefits last long after being received.


Specials to Help you look and feel great during the holidays:

Lash Special Extended!

“I love waking up and looking good!”

That’s what clients are saying about our eyelash extensions. In the name of everyday good looks in minute, I’m continuing the $75 special because it’ll help you look great without doing anything.

Holiday Gift Certificate Special!

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Don’t forget to take care of yourself too!  Make sure to schedule your appointment for San Diego’s Best Massage!

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Happy Thanks Giving From Spa Rosalia!