Everyone has been “Exhaling” so long it’s time for a breath of fresh air. Exhale Spa is now Spa Rosalia Del Mare.

Who knew the word exhale was trademarked?

Well, it’s lemons to lemonade, or should we say limoncello since that’s Italian, like the name.
Spa Rosalia Del Mare is our new name, and a better name for a few reasons.

First of all, it get’s you a special for the month of October. Like us on facebook, follow us on twitter or check in on yelp, not only because it’s the “saintly” thing to do, (which we’ll get to later), but it also gets you a free brow wax or 20 minute scalp massage with any regularly priced service.

Secondly: it’s the last name of the owner. No one can claim a trademark violation on the use of her last name.

Thirdly: Spa Rosalia Del Mare has a great story. It comes from Saint Rosalia. Legend has it that she cured Palermo of plague and that she’s protected sea faring folk for hundreds of years.

Since are in the beautiful seaside city of San Diego,  and “all about” healing, the name is a better fit.

St. Rosalia’s father was known as Lord of the Roses, and Rosalia del Mare translates from Italian as “Rose of the Sea”.

Come enjoy.   Visit Spa Rosalia Del Mare (Rose of the Sea) to get some therapeutic massage, body treatments, acupuncture and waxing.

We’re celebrating the name change and completed renovations for the rest of October, please come enjoy with us at Spa Rosalia Del Mare in Banker’s Hill San Diego California.