Chest and Bicep Stretch to Relieve Tension

Constriction of the pectoral muscles and biceps are implicated in so many tension scenarios.   Think about the fact that so many of our daily activities involve a postural position that requires our arms to be bent and in front of us. Computer work, driving and cooking are just a few examples.  There are not a lot of times that we curve backward or open our arms up wide.  Take a few seconds to  do this chest and bicep stretch.  Stretching out the arms and chest can go a long way in preventing a round shouldered appearance and the painful conditions that attenuate that.

The picture below is a good example of how to open up the front of the shoulder girdle.  Even just looking at it, don’t you feel better already?

Chest and Bicep Stretch to Relieve Tension - Spa Rosalia Del Mare