Cloves, the game changerClove bud oil distilled into a party drug produced hilarious results in a movie I caught at an  Italian film festival.  It’s called  Smetto Quando Voglio (I can quit when I want) .   The movie got me thinking about a time in my life when I had to take high doses of the supplement Holy Basil  to offset  anxiety I was experiencing from quitting smoking Clove cigarettes.  It turns out the movie, holy basil and clove cigarettes all share the main active ingredient of Eugenol.

Medical use of Eugenol via the use of cloves began in the 7th century when we were still using camels as our main source of transport.  Since then it’s had a long run in our medicine cabinets and  has never fallen out of favor.  I remember my mother using clove oil for teething siblings and applying it to my mouth for toothaches till we could get to the dentist.

In bodywork, clove oil is a unparalleled.

The same calming properties that helped me with anxiety work to inspire relaxation and deeper breathing via aromatherapy.  It’s also antiseptic and can help alleviate respiratory infections.

As an addendum to massage, I’ve found nothing else quite as effective to combat sore muscles.   Clove’s unique combination of circulatory and analgesic effects when applied to the skin speed healing and mute the body aches of life.

One of my clients was seeing me weekly to break up adhesion she developed from shoulder surgery.  I applied essential oil of clove on the skin to take the edge off her discomfort and to warm up the muscles for deep tissue massage.  She was so impressed with it’s effectiveness, I passed on the bottle I was using to see what results she could get on her own.   At our next session she said: “Wow, clove is a game changer for my recovery.  I’m able to get through my physical therapy sessions workouts easier and it’s shortened the recovery time from the exercises.”

I hope this inspires you to pick up some clove oil for your first aid kit.  You can even print up this article to put with it as a reminder of what to use it for.

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