Today’s success story.  Can we get a “Woo hoo!”?

She’s back!

This is the client from our body language series Hand signals are smoke signals.   A few weeks after our first photoshoot and many hours of computer work later, she signed up for some shoulder rehab.

The visual evidence is so obvious, we just had to share it with you.  Check out how much higher her left shoulder is than her right (by “her left” we mean  the right side of the photo.)  Additionally, the muscles leading into her neck are so bunched up that they do not let her hair settle.  This is different from her right, where the tissue is not as congested and the hair nestles in nicely.

Before Spa Rosalia Therapeutic Massage

Even if she hadn’t told us, we would have felt an irresistible urge to pull her arm down and give her shoulder a good rubdown!

Can you hear us tooting our own horn?

The results of therapeutic bodywork are clearly visible in the photo below.

Her shoulders are almost even.

After Spa Rosalia Therapeutic Massage

How did this happen? We did a full body massage for 90 minutes, and included as a part of the session approximately 20 minutes of focused attention to the left shoulder and arm.

This is just one more example of what good bodywork can do.

It’s more than just relaxation, massage can change the way you function in everyday life.

Have you had success with massage?  Please comment below.  We would love to hear your story.

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