Steam inhalation infographic – what you need, and how to do it:

A steam inhalation infographic. Want to steam your way to vitality, in sickness or in health? It’s easy to do. Here is a recipe and instructions.

First let’s start with assembling what you need.

4 quart porcelain or glass bowl.  They hold heat well, and any potential for chemical interactions with metal or residues in plastic are avoided.
4 cups of boiled water
¼ cup of dried herbs, 1 cup of fresh, or 8 -15 drops of essential oils
1 cup cold water
Small bath towel
Face towel
Cotton Pads

aromatherapy steam inhalation infographic - how to

Next, let’s put our items together and follow our steam inhalation infographic:

Pour 3 cups of recently boiled water in the bowl.  Add herbs or oils (or both!). Dip your head down to test temperature and adjust with the remaining hot or cold water as needed. It should feel pleasant.   If the steam is too hot, skin and lungs will be irritated.

Once the temperature of the steam feels good, decide what to do about your eyes.  some people go “commando” and do not cover them.  For sensitive eyes, try using cotton pads or a protecting them with a washcloth prevent irritation.

Next, set the timer for 10-15 minutes. Cover the head with a bath towel to prevent steam from escaping, bend the over the bowl and start inhaling.  Be sure to breathe through both the nose and mouth to get the most benefit.  Use tissues as needed to blow the nose.  The session is done when the timer rings, so the next phase is to sit up, take off the cotton balls and use the face towel to remove sweat.

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