A Few Wise Words from Mary Poppins

“A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down”

Mary Poppins knew how to make everyone feel better didn’t she? Sometimes sweetening up a tough situation makes it easier to live with, and scheduling a massage might be just “what the doctor ordered”.

For those who have been living a ‘hermit’s’ dream situation, I’m open for business on a part time basis. If not, let’s see what happens over the next week or two as it seems like there might be some clarity as the results of openings and protests evolve.

I hope this message finds you and yours doing well. Although my private practice was interrupted, I have been immersed in helping others make better decisions with the super powers of data science with freelance work and also had the honor and pleasure of assisting at the program I graduated from. That being said, in the past 25 years, I have never been away from my private practice for this long. Many of you I consider close friends, and I miss you all and hope to see you soon.

I’m happy to say that I don’t know anyone who has gotten ill. Let’s keep it that way. Although your health and safety has always been my number one concern, clearly times call for additional sanitization  procedures and biological barriers. They have been implemented and will continue to be.

If you feel like you are ready to come in, please shoot me a text or an old fashioned phone call in order to evaluate what might be the best decision for our circumstances.

Text for appointment 1-858.381.CARE (2273)