Holidays are busy.  Baron’s has a great soup and salad bar to help you have a healthy meal before your appointment.  They are located close to Spa Rosalia so you can pick up a few groceries and I will keep it in the fridge for you while you during your massage or lash extension appointment!

My current location in Midway/Point Loma neighborhood is perfectly located for efficient use of your time this holiday season.  Within 1 square mile is a relatively undiscovered Marshall’s with a wonderful holiday gift section.  For whatever reason people haven’t caught on that exists yet. It has been my savior for gifts many a time.

You can also one stop shop at Loma Square where you’ll find TJ Maxx, Home Goods, The Dollar Store, Sprouts and more.

What’s your favorite driving shortcut in San Diego?  Email me back & I will put it on my website with the rest of these tips.

“No” & “Yes” are the secret weapon.  Say “Yes” to events that encourage quality social time.  Say “Yes” to taking care of yourself, which may come in the form of saying “No” when there is just too much on your plate.

Friends don’t make friends do yard sales.  Isn’t the thing we love most about the holidays the idea of spending time with loved ones & sharing experiences? When it comes to material things, most of us have everything we need & the power to buy what we want. All too often gifts wind up being donated, contributing to clutter, clogging our land fills or sold for pennies on the dollar at a yard sale. Give the gift of time this year by spending time with your family & friends.  If you want to share this email please be sure to forward it to a friend.

There are still a few appointments open but not a lot.  If you look online and can’t get in please text or call so I can accommodate you. But please bare in mind I will be visiting family and that will limit my availability a little bit more.  Happy Holidays!  I look forward to seeing you all soon!