Uncle Sam Wants You

Uncle Sam Wants You To Be Healthy: Take Your Tax Deduction! Did you know massage can be covered by pre-tax dollars, and is sometimes covered by insurance? If you have one of the following: Health Savings Account Health Reimbursement Accounts Flexible Spending Account...

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Great Glutes in the Garden

Stay active in the garden but don't hurt yourself!  Focus on getting stronger!  Here's how...pushing a heavy load is a great way to strengthen your gluteal muscles (nice butt). When using a lawnmower or heavy wheelbarrow, squeeze your glutes hard to push your back leg...

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Summer Body Scrub Recipe

Feel your skin. Could it be softer? When was the last time you exfoliated your entire body? It is summer time and that means we are all wearing more revealing clothing some of us are even rocking bikinis or speedos. Scrubbing your skin gently will help you boost your...

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Music instead of a pill?

Listen to Music instead of Taking a Pill: Research shows that listening to 30 minutes of classical music may produce calming effects equivalent to taking 10 mg of Valium. Sounds good to me! Play music that has a slow tempo and align your heartbeat with the steady beat...

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Reflexology Tip

Because of gravity, metabolic wastes can settle in the foot like dirt in a glass of water. By breaking up these crystalline residues, the body is able to eliminate them both cleansing the foot muscles and bringing a fresh supply of blood to the 7,000 nerve endings....

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Your Body & Spring Time Gardening

So it is time to get out there and work in your garden.  Bees buzzing, sun shining, flowers blooming.  Don't let back pain hold you back from your outdoor passion.  Instead learn ways to avoid injury and enjoy your time in the sun.  Let the Gokhale Method help you to...

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Halloween, a signal to take a break.

Halloween has long marked the calendar for a yearly social shift. It coincides historically with the traditional times of harvest.  People congregate a little bit more at harvest time since the long hours needed for farming were available for other things through the...

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Should I show up early for my massage?

Should I show up early for my massage? No need to show up early for your massage.  We'll be ready for you at the appointed time, however some clients enjoy taking a few minutes to relax in the lounge prior to their appointment.  Use of the restroom prior to any...

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To Talk Or Not To Talk?

To Talk, or not to talk: That is the question. In general, a massage received with minimum conversation is more effective because it takes the "multi-tasking" aspect out of a session.  The client can get to a deeper state of relaxation and the therapist can focus on...

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Age Gracefully With Massage!

Age more gracefully and stay healthier with regular massage. Nothing ages us as quickly as stress and 90 percent of diseases are stress related. Getting massage frequently can change your life in a permanent way In addition to stress reduction did you know?......

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Longer Massage Is Good!

Try a longer massage if you're feeling wired.  One advantage of a longer session is that it allows time to decompress through light conversation for a few minutes and progress into a deeper state of relaxation.  It's kind of like putting the brakes on a speeding...

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Computer Eye strain massage tip

Computer Eye Strain Massage: Touch the ridge of the bone surrounding your eye socket.  start at the tiny indentation of the bone just below beginning of the eyebrow  above the eyes and slowly massage across the ridge.  continuing in the same manner on the bone below. ...

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Stress Buster Tip

STRESS BUSTER TIP: 3 times a day, under 5 minutes total: Feeling stressed evokes tense, shallow breathing, while calm is associated with relaxed breathing When you can't get in for an acupuncture or massage, but your stressed out, try this specific type of breathing....

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Natural Anti-inflammatories

Take natural anti-inflammatories. Science has shown that ginger, turmeric, and boswellia, holy basil, and quercitin have anti-inflammatory properties. There are products in the marketplace that offer relief for inflamed, achy muscles, without the side effects of the...

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