Learn how Spa Rosalia’s body scrub can make you glow this Spring!

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Body Treatments
45 minute Super Scrub
An invigorating scrub that feels great combined with skin hydration. Several layers of dead skin are removed with Micronized Buffing beads in a creme base. Other ingredients including Alpha-Hydroxy Lactic Acid accelerate cell renewal. Hot towel creme removal and a light application of moisturizer with your choice of essential oil rehydrate the skin. Perfect before a spray tan, a night on the town or after a few days at the beach.
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90 minute Super Scrub, Mud Wrap & Hot Stone Massage 
Because the muscles warm up during a detoxification wrap, often the muscles are soft and receptive to massage. We incorporate the use of hot stones to focus on typical areas of tension such as the lower back, calves and shoulders during the final 20-30 minutes of this treatment. Caution using heavy equipment after this session! It’s incredibly relaxing as well as therapeutic.
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60 minute Super Scrub and Mud Wrap
Aid the bodies detoxification process by application of clay based skin therapies in combination with exfoliation. Multiple sized dead sea salts buff thicker skin areas most exposed to the sun, and a sugar, honey and milk combination is used to protect more sensitive skin such as inner arms and décolletage. Enjoy a scalp, face and neck massage while cocoons in a wrapped application of remineralizing and detoxifying air dried muds from france and the baltic sea. Light application of moisturizing creme seals in the benefits. This is a wonderful treatment to use in conjunction with any detoxification program.
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