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Expert Massage and Bodywork

Expert Massage Therapy
60 minute session
90 minute session
120 minute session
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In Home Massage
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Relaxing Massage: If pampering is the goal, Swedish or Hawaii Lomi Lomi is suggested. Application of professional cremes and oils with the use of longer, rhythmic, open handed or forearm massage strokes. The pressure can be light or firm according to taste but the key is to pace the massage in a way to allow the nervous system to relax. “Hot Spots” that may hurt with specific pressure are less attended to to encourage relaxation. This type of massage can be used as part of “sports massage” to help recovery after an athletic event.

Beneficial for: Stress, Depression, High Blood Pressure

Deep Tissue or Sports Massage: Sometimes those two phrases are used interchangeably, but often it is requested by a client who wants deeper more specific work on soft tissue areas. If you’re thinking: “I want to feel like I’ve had a good ‘working over’.”, then this is the kind of Bodywork for you. Deep tissue massage is often sought out to ease muscle tension in specific areas, increase mobility or assist sports specific performance. There are a variety of techniques that a practitioner will use massage modalities such as cross fiber friction, trigger point therapy, and neuromuscular therapy. This kind of bodywork can be more intense and include sustained pressure on sore areas. The soft tissue in the groups that counter oppose the areas where the client reports pain will be addressed to encourage balance and mobility.

Especially beneficial for: Chronic or Acute pain, improvement

Pregnancy Massage: Mother’s to be have a special appreciation for massage. The female body is changing rapidly to accommodate the baby in it’s journey to life, and special positioning and support is required to be safe and comfortable. Gestation especially during the later months requires positioning the mother to be adjusted and we use special equipment specifically made for the purpose of Pregnancy Massage.

Asian Style Massages: Acupressure and Shiatsu are respectively chinese and japanese influenced styles of massage based on the belief of specific energy channels or meridians in the body. Most sessions are done fully clothed or pressure is applied through a sheet. It is a flowing series of compressions, gentle rocking of the major joints, some stretching and sustained pressure on strategic points that a therapist will select based upon client goals. Sometimes the use of moxabustion or cupping is incorporated. Intensity of pressure is geared to client request.

Thai Massage “Lazy Man’s Yoga”: Stretching combined with compression techniques to increase flexibility. Great for opening up some of the large joints of the body such as the hips. If you suffer from sciatica, this is an option we encourage you to explore as many people report relief after a Thai style massage. Fully clothed on a cushioned floor mat.

Specialized massages: If you are suffering from: Fibromyalgia, Migranes, TMJ (Tempro mandibular Joint Pain), Frozen Shoulder, Carpal Tunnel or Chronic Lower Back Pain specialized massage can be of great assistance in providing relief. Please contact us for more information. All of the techniques listed above can help with these conditions, with special focus on:

  • Craniosacral
  • Myofasclal
  • Neuromuscular
  • Trager
  • Trigger Point Work
  • Cross Fiber Friction
Body Treatments

Body Treatments
60 minute Super Scrub and Mud Wrap
120 minute Super Scrub, Mud Wrap & Hot Stone Massage

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60 minute Super Scrub and Mud Wrap  Aid the bodies detoxification process by application of clay based skin therapies in combination with exfoliation. Multiple sized dead sea salts buff thicker skin areas most exposed to the sun, and a sugar, honey and milk combination is used to protect more sensitive skin such as inner arms and décolletage. Enjoy a scalp, face and neck massage while cocoons in a wrapped application of remineralizing and detoxifying air dried muds from France and the Baltic sea. Light application of moisturizing creme seals in the benefits. This is a wonderful treatment to use in conjunction with any detoxification program.

120 minute Super Scrub, Mud Wrap & Hot Stone Massage  Because the muscles warm up during a detoxification wrap, often the muscles are soft and receptive to massage. We incorporate the use of hot stones to focus on typical areas of tension such as the lower back, calves and shoulders during the final 20-30 minutes of this treatment. Caution using heavy equipment after this session! It’s incredibly relaxing as well as therapeutic. Excellent for your dance moves!  Check out our Samba Article!

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Eyelash Extensions

Lash Extensions
35 lashes/eye
60 lashes/eye
85 lashes/eye

Touch Ups:

(includes 20 lashes per eye)
*additional lashes $1 extra per lash

Lash Removal

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Facials & Skincare

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  • The Best Massage Anywhere!!!
    I have serious problems with my back and have been going to see Spa Rosalia on a regular basis.  I need a deep tissue massage, and Sheri knows exactly where to massage to relieve the pain. She is very knowledgeable about our anatomy and always gets it exactly right.  I have recommended her to all of my friends and family as well. She is excellent if you have a specific problem, or just for a general, relaxing massage. My husband was having lower back pain and was skeptical that massage would help him. One visit, and he couldn't believe the improvement.
    —Teresa S.

  • “Sheri has the most wonderful healing touch . She always seems to intuitively know where my sore spots are. I am a stylist and use my hands and arms all day so I can get really tight. She always makes me feel better after seeing her.

    I have been going to Sheri for over 10 years and no one has ever matched up to her massages.”
    -Chelli B. San Diego, CA

  • “I’ve lived in San Diego for 15 years and have been to my fair share of day spas and massage therapists. Many good, some ok, but no one who I’ve stuck with… until I started going to Sheri about 3 years ago.  Her work is outstanding, and so is her style – always kind and caring, and she takes the time to understand what’s going on with me before starting the massage. Can’t wait to go back in next week!”

    — Jen T. SD, CA

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